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    Camera Raw.8bi in ACR 5.4 download

    athegn Level 2

      From this link:-




      "..Extract the Camera Raw.8bi file from the ZIP file you downloaded. (Extract only the Camera Raw.8bi file that is at the top level of the ZIP file. Do not extract the Camera Raw.8bi file from the Win64 folder that is inside the ZIP file. This folder contains the 64-bit edition of the Camera Raw plug-in, which is compatible only with the 64-bit edition of Photoshop CS4.)"


      I therefore downloaded:-




      from this link:-




      However when I examine "cameraraw_5-4_rc_win_052109.zip" it does not seem to contain "Camera Raw.8bi" unlike the last ACR update I used i.e. Camera_Raw_5_2.zip which does contain "Camera Raw.8bi"


      How can I extract "Camera Raw.8bi" from "cameraraw_5-4_rc_win_052109.zip"?


      Any advice please?