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    Hide or Suppress Zeros in Calulated Field

    chrizten01 Level 1

      I have added fields to an invoice-style proposal.  This is my first time ever adding fields to a pdf document.  It seems very simple and my fields are working flawlessly.  HOWEVER, when I want the quantity field and the per-price field to calculate into a total field... the total field shows zeros.


      How can I make the zeros disappear?  I would like that field to be blank until a calculation is made.


      I have searched through every single forum on here relating to my exact issue.  One person will says "use this script" and another person says "use this script"  I have tried every script I found and yet I could not get the zeros to disappear dispite my findings.


      Can someone please explain this to me like a 3rd grader... I do not understand scripting very well and this is very challenging for me.  What is the exact script to use that suppresses/hides zeros when the calculation is null?  Where exactly do I place the script?  Maybe I'm adding it to the wrong section?


      You would think Adobe would add a checkbox to the editing field that will allow you to suppress the zeros... it would save a lot of trouble.