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    Can't get a style to map correctly or paginate as a new topic


      I'm linking a Word document with chapters and appendixes into RH8. Heading 1 and Heading 2 are paginated as new topics, and the chapters come in fine. The appendix heading paragraph style is called Appendix 1 (based on Word's "Normal" style), which is equivalent to Heading 1 of a chapter. When I link the Word document, I map Appendix 1 to the Heading 1 style in RH, but the appendixes don't come in consistently. Two appendixes come in as new topics, but the others come in as bookmarks under the other 2 appendixes. In Design view, RoboHelp lists each appendix heading as Heading 1, but they don't paginate as new topics.


      I understand that RH won't recognize anything that isn't Heading 1, 2, 3... as designed by Microsoft. But isn't there a way to map styles I've created to Heading 1, and to get them to paginate as new topics?


      What's really frustrating is that at one point it was working for me, and then suddenly it started doing this, and I have no idea what changed!