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    R8 does not seem to correctly tag alt text for Sec 508 compliance


      We're trialing RoboHelp 8 to create Section 508 compliant WebHelp and HTML help for a desktop application.  Despite the marketing, there appears to be no way to add alternative text in Design View.   It appears one must edit the HTML.  Using the Screen Tip under Image Properties puts the text into the Title tag, not the expected Alt tag.  This seems incorrect, and won't work for compliance; the text must appear in the Alt tag.  So the best method would seem to be to use the Screen Tip interface to create the Title tag, then go into every dang page's HTML and copy the text into the Alt tag.  This can't be right, and seems inconsistent with RoboHelp marketing.


      Can someone confirm this?  Is this a known issue that will be fixed?  Can the interface be expanded to add other image attributes?  Thanks.