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    Printomatic & Electronic Ink

    fansoftmedia Level 1

      Does anyone know if http://www.printomatic.com/ went out of business, and is no longer supporting their products?

      I have been emailing them for weeks, and haven't received a response.
      I also tried calling them, and it doesn't even ring?

      Anyone here have any insight?

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          YogiPup Level 1

          Not sure, but I gave up on them a while ago for the same reason.  Couldn't reach anyone by e-mail or phone.  It's a bummer 'cause that was a good product.

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            Applied CD Level 1

            Has anyone found a better alternative?


            I still use POM if the output is mostly graphic.


            For high quality vector output (eg: text heavy screens) I’ll occasionally use an external HTML template,  substitute tokens in the template with live data, then pass the HTML string to an offstage instance of WebXtra, and print the HTML. Nice clean output but can be lots of work.


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              liveoak Level 1

              Applied CD wrote:


              Has anyone found a better alternative?


              I still use POM if the output is mostly graphic.


              Yes, this is the key question! As Applied CD states, what other printing option do we have in Director? I think we need to start a new thread where Director users can discuss "critical Xtras", and how we can support the Xtra development community, such as it is.


              For everyone's interest, I did manage to purchase a 1.8 beta upgrade to my old 1.7 license over the weekend (late June 2009). There were several comments on the Printomatic site, from March-May 2009, complaining that the upgrade option was not working, but it now appears to be up and running again. Lately I was kicking my self that I did not upgrade after the D11 release, as even the "possibility" of the 1.8 Printomatic beta working would be worth the $50 gamble fo rhte upgrade.


              I'm curious - were the emails (that generated no replies from Printomatic) about bugs in the beta version of the Xtra, or just about general questions about how POM worked?

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                Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

                Valentin Schmidt has started an open source Flash-in-Director printing project. It's in an alpha stage, but can be downloaded/viewed at http://dasdeck.de/staff/valentin/lingo/flash_print/

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                  fansoftmedia Level 1

                  You definitely want to steer clear of ordering ANYTHING from Printomatic/Electronic Ink.

                  We tried contacting the developer via their website, the two phone numbers that were discovered, and even the developers person email addresses (which can be found on Linked-In).


                  He/They make a clear effort to ignore all new and past customers.

                  It's a little strange/rude that they even continue to take orders or have a website.

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                    Professor S.

                    Perhaps, I should start another thread, but I have a related Printomatic question. I have been using a free version of Printomatic for years in Dir 8 to print some text members.  Now I am converting an educational app to MX 2004 because it will allow me to create a Mac projector. I actually bought upgrades from 8.0 to 8.5 and mx 2004 in the past but never upgraded any of my apps because they were working and I didn't need any of the new features. Obviously, Macromedia did not include many must have features in their versions.  Now if they had included some native printing features, I think everyone would go for that. So now my question:  When did the free version of printomatic go bye bye? I only see a lite version for $100 now. Are any of the older free versions archived anywhere and was there one compatible with Mac via a MX 2004 projector?  I hope some knows?


                    Prof. S.