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    Fixing the RoboHelp X5 ns.css WebHelp Style Sheet

    tspaul Level 1



      We are using RoboHelp X5. We've recently made some changes to our style sheet, and when we generate WebHelp, all numbered and bulleted lists are in a very small font. This problem goes away if we delete the extra "_ns.css" style sheet that RoboHelp X5 generates.


      We already have manual steps that we need to do after generating help, and I'm reluctant to add this to the list - it's another thing that can get missed. Is there any way to fix the problem in the automatically generated list or prevent RoboHelp from generating it at all? It's frustrating not to have control over the style sheet that is being used.


      By the way, I am viewing the topic in IE 7, and I thought the ns style sheet was for Netscape, so I'm not even sure why it's causing a problem.