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    Rendering error




      I own PE 2.0, kind of old school now but it still works pretty well for my needs. It has never happened before but last night when I was rendering a video (exporting) in *.wma format, I got this strange error that read something like 'Error encoding sound, try VBS 'One' settings if it's set to two'.


      I always use default rendering settings, in any case when I went to advance export setting for Windows Media Player, there was an option to select VBS setting to 'one' (there's a radio button). I have no idea what this VBS setting is...


      I tried rendering again, but this time the export failed silently (without any error). The video exported is only 4-5 seconds long (even though it's supposed to be 1:06 seconds), and sound in the 4-5s clip disappears in the last two seconds.


      I cannot reproduce the error because each time it fails silently. Please help!




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          VBS means variable bit rate. And you're right -- You shouldn't have to mess with the default settings.


          Could this be related to your source files? What are you using from your source video? What kind of camcorder did it come from and how did you get it into your computer?


          There's also the possibility of an operating system problem. If you're using a newer operating system, version 2 may not run right on Vista. And, if you're using an old operating system, it may need some basic maintenance and updating.

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            zanzaidi Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            You asked a good question.

            I'm using Windows XP with SP2.

            Secondly, I recorded the videos from a flip camera. I don't know which format the video was originally but PE 2 didn't accept the default flip camera format. It gave an error that the video format is not supported.


            I read online somewhere that this was an issue between flip camera and PE. Recommended solution was to convert the flip camera video using the Windows Movie Maker, and render it to Mini-DV format (or *.avi format). So here's what i did:

            1- opened all the videos from flip camera in Windows Movie Maker

            2- Exported video in Mini-DV/avi format and saved them in my computer


            3- I then imported the Mini-DV/avi format videos into PE 2, and this time they all worked fine.


            I edited the videos (it took me about 5 hours or so)...in the preview within the PE 2.0 everything seems perfect. Only the rendering is failing.


            However, I was able to render it in MPEG2 format successfully, but the video quality is real crappy. Is there any way I can still render the video in wma with default 'cable or Lan' settings? Thanks!



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The Windows Media file formats usually require a lot more computing than some other Export formats.


              Can you list the specs on your computer? Also, pay special attention to the available Free Space on your HDD's. PE creates a lot of extra files, when Exporting. These can take up far more room on the hard drive, than just the Exported file. They are removed, when Export is complete, but still require the space during the process.


              Good luck,




              PS for later use of the Flip camera material, this ARTICLE in the "Tips & Tricks" section might have more helpful info - if you have not already seen this one.

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                zanzaidi Level 1

                Thanks for the comment...Initially i thought the same that it might be related to the space in my HD when the render failed silently. But I checked, i have 39.4 GB free in my C drive. It should be plenty of space to create temp files...


                I'm not close to my computer but i have 1000+ GB of ram, and speed is also around 2.1 GBs...

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                  zanzaidi Level 1

                  forgot to mention, the article you posted is EXACTLY the article I followed to export and import video into PE 2.0!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    39.4GB sounds like a lot, but PE does create some hefty files. Also, if your Windows Virtual Memory (Page File) is dynamically managed, and with only 1GB of RAM, it can grow in a hurry. Your Project Duration is pretty short, but there are still a lot of "extra" files. The "silent shutdown" does sound like an I/O (hard drive) issue. That happens when PE (or many programs) run out of space.


                    Have you defragmented your HDD recently? That can help. Personally, I'd move any media files, that are unused in this Project to an external, or DVD-Data, to try with more free space - remember to defrag.


                    Sorry that you'd already seen that article - just a thought.


                    Good luck,



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                      zanzaidi Level 1

                      Thanks Hunt, i appreciate your replies. No i haven't defragged my computer in a while. I will definitely consider doing that tonight. Prior to using flip camera videos, i've never run into this error. I hope i can get it figured out. I cannot wait to show that video to family and friends. Is there any other suggestion, Steve?

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        If you have not seen this ARTICLE, it's a must-read. Steve did a very good job distilling things to do to get the most performance from one's computer.


                        The one thing that I would add is to eliminate any unnecessary programs and Processes, when doing any editing work. Most folk cannot dedicate a machine to just editing work, but there are probably a lot of things that load on boot, that are not really needed. I Exit from all AV, spyware, messaging and pop-up blockers, and then launch a little program, EndItAll2 (used to be freeware, but is now shareware), to eliminate all unnecessary Processes. It ends about 16 on my machine, which is pretty lean to begin with. The reason to Exit out of the AV, etc. is because they will lie to EndItAll2 and tell it that they ARE necessary - that is part of their protection. Now, when editing, I do not have any Internet interaction, because my software defenses are down, though I am behind a hardware firewall.


                        Another thing that I turn OFF is Windows' Indexing program. It really gets in the way, when editing. You have to turn it off for All Folders from the HDD's Properties dialog screen. Besides slowing things down, it can "lock" files, while it indexes them. This is especially troublesome with the large AV files, and some of the other files that PE creates. Yes, a Search will be slower, but I can live with that, so long as my editing is not slower.


                        Good luck, and I'll bet that everyone will love the footage,