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    Photoshop / Indesign / Acrobat / … color match ?

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      I'm printing a color chart using CS4, a Mac (10.5.7), and my inkjet (HP B8850)


      If Adobe and Apple made the color managment corectly, wich i assume they did, i should be able to print the same TIFF file correctly with the same colors in all the CS app. To print a chart, you're supposed to turn CM off.


      So i printed the chart in Photoshop. Then i created a document where i import the TIFF file in Indesign, and choosed 'emulate indesign 2.0…'…

      After experience a lot of trouble, i've understand there was a problem with Indesign CS3/CS4 and i have to choose to print as bitmap in the print settings.

      See here : http://forums.adobe.com/thread/285075?tstart=0


      So now i have a chart that looks exactly like the one from Photoshop. Great.


      I should be able to get the same result with Acrobat Pro (9).


      So ive exported my Indesign doc with no profils. Open it in Acrobat, goin to the print settings, advanced setttings and in the profil section i choose to not use profiles. I use the same settings from my printer than before. So i print and i don't get the right result (looks exactly the same as my wrong outputs from Indesign before using Bitmap !). So i felt like tryin to print as bitmap as well in Acrobat. But hell, the colors are completly different again, and quite faded.


      Did i made something wrong ?


      I wonder why all the color settings are so different thru all those apps ? I thought there were using the same color managment now ?!

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          Sorry just tripped across this thread, but here is an answer incase anyone else finds this.


          Short Answer is they do, Adobe ACE. Longer Answer is you use Adobe Bridge to keep the CS Suite in sync with each other.


          OS X Instructions, Sorry no Windows, should be close to the same.


          To Add Photoshop Settings to all Suite Applications:

          Open: Photoshop

          Click; Edit --> Color Settings (cmd+shift+K)

          Set your color setting the way you want them. Click Save

          Save your Color Settings in: "yourusername"/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Settings/  Give it a name and description as you see fit.

          Open: Adobe Bridge

          Click; Edit --> Creative Suite Color Settings (cmd+shift+K) make sure your settings are in the list and selected then click Apply, it will now be available to everything in the Suite.


          Your Color Settings will now be synchronized

          That should solve your color inconsistancy problem moving from Application to Application within the Suite.