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    TIFF to PDF Conversions: Batch Processing and Startup Scripts



      forgive as I am new to direct scripting in Acrobat. I have done everything in the past in VB/ActivePDF.

      I need to have a "watched folder", javascript startup script, or command line process to process TIFF to PDF conversions. I had been told that I could do this with Distiller, even though I had used it before and thought I could only do PS/EPS conversion with it. Appears this is true.

      So I am investigating doing this in Acrobat. I was able to successfully setup a batch process to read a TIFF in a folder, and convert it to PDF and write it to another folder.

      However, I would need a way to either make it persitantly and iteratively "watch" the folder for new conversion jobs to come in, or relaunch Acrobat and automatically execute the batch process (ie: after an external process had detected 1 or more files in the watched folder) to facilitate the conversions. I would need to do this unattended.

      The files generated would need to comply with ISO PDF/A for documents, and PDF/E for engineering drawings (up to 34x120 in.).

      As a secondary project, we have some PDF files that was generated from a "Save As" type operation from a CAD system. The files are "viewable" but have problems including being not-viewabile in Acrobat 8, and do not stamp correctly (missing xref object on COS tree). I need to repair these, and also make them compliant with ISO PDF/E.

      Please advise on if this is the correct approach and/or how to do the startup scripts on launch of Acrobat or a way to do this with Distiller.

      Thanks and much appreciation.