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    have to purchase new license to use previously purchased CS2


      I'm surprised that nobody was shocked or had anything to comment about my issue with CS2. I know it's 2 versions back, and I'm currently running CS3 production studio and CS4 design premium, so it's not like I don't like to update. I called about a licensing issue, and the nice lady in India told me I would have to purchase CS4 becuase that is the new version and I'm currently 2 versions behind. In other words, I would have to buy another license in order to activate the license I already purchased? Yes was the response I recieved.


      I know it sounds all very crazy, and I wish I were calling from my cell phone so I could have recorded the conversation, but if this is something that anyone else has had an issue with, wil you please let me know how to get around it. I have friends who know how to crack the license, but I'm not like that. I would just like to run this software that I've purchased.