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    session.getAttribute("somekey") returning  NULL in SessionDestroyed

    dam.C Level 1

      Hi all,
          session.getAttribute("somekey") is returning null  in SessionDestroyed() method of flex listener.


      Below are the steps I am following


      1) I am adding flexLister in contextInitialized method of ServletContextListener




      2) In sessionCreate method
          sessionCreated(FlexSession session) {


      3) some where in applicaion I am putting a key vlaue pair in session like this


      FlexContext.getSession().setAttribute("somekey" , someVlue)  ;


      The issue is when I try to retreive vale from session


      her is how I m retreiving value


         sessionDestroyed(FlexSession session) {


                session.getAttribute("somekey");     this return null WHY ?




      This is always returning me null


      Pls note that I am RTMP channel and  version of LCDS is 2.6


      I also tried RTMPFlexSession




      but no luck  , still got null


      Am I doing anything wrong  ?


      Thanks ,