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    Dynamic image gallery?


      Hi all, I've built myself a page in flash (CS4) that's going to act as a sort of portfolio, but as it stands, I have had to embed all the images into the .swf, which of course has made the .swf huge (8Mb) and slow to load ( - it looks loaded but doesnt actually work for a while - and of course it shouldnt really need to be loading for a simple gallery site right?).


      I've looked about to find a fairly straightforward method to making a dynamic image xml file or some-such, but everything I find seems to force me to create the exact site demonstrated in the tutorial in order for it to work for me..


      If it makes it easier to see what I'm trying to end up with the site (as it is now) is at www.samhumphrey(dot)com.


      If anyone can consisely explain to me how I might convert this to a dynamic page or point me towards something that I could better adapt to make my site work properly I'd much appreciate it!


      (I'm using CS4, with a basic understanding of AS2)