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    Website content help


      I am having a hard time editing Fw .html pages in Dw.  If I just had text and pictures on my website this would be easier but I have several pages that require forms.  From what I have read this is not an easy task in FW, but what I am confused about is when I load my FW layout into DW and try to add text (content) it seems to screw everything up in DW.  I think my Fw layout is in a table in Dw and I would love some help, does anyone have some answers?  Basically can I edit a FW table layout in DW?

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Short answer is not to use FIreworks to generate your html. Use it for 

          your images. Do the HTML and CSS work in a proper web editor such as 

          Dreamweaver. FW generated HTML is very rigid and really only useful 

          for creating a click through prototype. It is not production ready 

          code for some of the very reasons you are listing. Adding text, 

          editing the layout in DW will generally break the entire design.



          Jim Babbage