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    XMLConnector with Czech characters in the URL


      I'm writing a game that use the XMLConnector object to bring local xml data into a DataSet object.  My URL is, for example: data/quiz.xml.  I have everything working well.  But I'm localizing my game for Czech and Russian and when the game is installed to a path with Czech specific (high ascii) characters, the data import fails.  This is strange because the relative path (data/quiz.xml) doesn't change.  For example, my Czech install path contains the partial path: Vyšetřit Bobíčka.  If I just use normal English characters for this, I don't have a problem.  The swf is an embedded sprite in a Director game, but I don't think this is relevant.


      I looked into using fl.mapPlayerURL to format the path as UTF-8 but it doesn't look like this is the solution.  Another thing I thought of would be embed the xml data inside Flash and copy it to a temp folder when needed.  I'm using AS2.


      Any solutions or suggestions?


      Thanks in advance,