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    Fast Speed causes blurry effect.


      Hello, first of all, I'm kinda new to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 but I have already made a few small clips and now I'm working on a bigger project. The problem comes when I render a video, specifically one containing fast speed effect. It looks totally blurry and that's not what I'm looking for at all.


      I have just uploaded two videos for a better comprehension:


      This is the normal speed version:



      And the fast one:



      Please, let me know if you know how to fix this so I can make a watchable movie.


      Thanks in advance.

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          joshtownsend Level 2

          There is no motion blur in the original scene because it a screen capture not something shot with a camera. It's gonna look funny no matter what you do in Premiere. You'd have to get into AE and know what your doing to get what your after.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Right-click on your time-altered clip and uncheck "Frame Blending". Instead of attempting to interpolate three frames into one (ie. 300% / 100% = 3), Premiere will skip two frames out of every three. Instead of the blurry look, you'll get a somewhat more stuttered look. Unfortunately, there's no free lunch--you'll have to deal with one side effect or the other, simply due to the math. Your other option is to find a program or plugin that does better motion compensation--you can probably achieve this for free with VirtualDub or AviSynth and the appropriate filter, or purchase a commercial plugin like Twixtor.

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              casmeo Level 1

              Thanks both of you.


              Frame Blend unchecked seems to work