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    How to access a CFC that is outside the web root

    lee704 Level 1

      I need to access several CFCs that sit outside the web root, however, I cannot seem to find the right way to call the component.  For example... My Flex project sits in a folder under the web root.  My CFCs sit in a folder at the same level as the web root.


      To illustrate:

      The web root is c:\coldfusion8\wwwroot

      The CFCs are in a folder c:\coldfusion8\com

      A CFC that I need to access is named fxCFC and resides at c:\coldfusion8\com\fxCFC.cfc

      The Flex project is named fxProject and resides at c:\coldfusion\wwwroot\fxProject

      The application is named main.mxml and resides at c:\coldfusion\wwwroot\fxProject\src\main.mxml


      I can't call the CFCs by using "com.fxCFC" because my compiled app cannot see the component.  I assume since the CFCs sit above the root.  Is there a way I can access them?