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    need to stop my cursor leaving the flash stage area in browser?


      Hi, I need to stop my cursor from moving on certain points on the stage. I'm using a magnifying glass effect but in the browser this only show the glass up to the stage so I need to stop it moving past those points. You can see what I mean if you move the magnify glass to the very left or right here:




      this is the code I have for the magnify glass:


      var moveGlass:Number;


      magnifyingGlass.onPress = function() {
          moveGlass = setInterval(startGlass,1);
      function startGlass() {
          magnifyingGlass._x = _root._xmouse;
          magnifyingGlass._y = _root._ymouse;

      magnifyingGlass.onEnterFrame = function(){
           this.largeobject._x = (this._parent.original._x-this._x)*2;
           this.largeobject._y = (this._parent.original._y-this._y)*2;