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    Component Display Event


      I'm new to Flex and would like some help with something I have been struggling with for a while.


      I'm using a lot of components in my application.  I want to know what event gets triggered when a component gets shown.


      For instance, I have a tab navigator and inside each tab I am using components to show some data.  Whenever I click on a tab I want to fetch fresh data and display it inside the component for that tab.   So, when i click on a tab the very first time, I can capture the creationComplete event on the component and go get the data. But then when I click on another tab and come back to this tab, creationComplete does not fire.  The show event does not trigger either (I thought the original component would get "hidden" and then "shown" again when I click on the tab again.)  I can use updateComplete but this only triggers when I resize the component.  I've tried the render event but it triggers a lot and the process of fetching data from a webservice on each render event gums things up.


      Suggestions and help most appreciated.   I'm really stuck with this and perhaps there's a better way to think about it?