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    How to add powerpoint slides with video display component using cuepoints




      I have been working a project, where my requirement is I have play the lecture in the 'video display' component. Every day we have training session for 8 hours a day. while training they will use powerpoint presentation across the session. here my job is to get the video file and powerpoint and make them sync.


            while I am going through some of the documents and googling I came to know that 'cuepoints' is a better solution for my problem. But I couldn't get the exact idea how can I do that. I will be very greatfull if any one give me a example such that one can embed a powerpoint slides with the video. The video and powerpoint should sync accorss the session.


           I don't know how can I sync powerpoint with the video. so I requested for a example such that it should embed powerpoint with video by using cuepoints and it should add powerpoint slides dynamically into video display.





      Sudheer Puppala