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    Push callerid to specific telecaller


      We are building a incomming call center application. We have a software through which the call is
      1. Caller ID (incomming telephone number) is recorded on the server
      2. To which telecaller the call is routed to is also recorded

      We need to know if Blaze Data Services can query the customer record based on the Caller ID and then push the customer record onto the telecaller's screen. We need to push the record to the specific telecaller that picks up the phone from that customer.

      Can we use Flex or AIR to identify the computer with the server , so that the push is routed to a particular computer and not to all computers.

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          SujitG Level 2

          Using BlazeDS you can definitely achieve this. BlazeDS will not query the records from the database, you will have to write a Java class which will do the same. Once you get the record from the database, you can push the same to a particular client application using Messaging service of BlazeDS. Check out following topics.

          Remoting in BlazeDS
          Messaging in BlazeDS
          Message filtering in BlazeDS

          Hope this helps.