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    Conflict with Java applet


      I am trying to record an application that is a Java applet running in an IE window (it's a browser-based Oracle application). The recording seems to mess with the functionality of the application. For example, there is a wizard screen with a list of fields to select from, I have to scroll down the list to locate the fields I need. The scrolling function works fine normally, but it will not work at all while recording. Using the scroll bar just makes the window flash like it is refreshing, but it never actually does anything.

      Has anyone seen this before?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Lisa

          There are sometimes conflicts between Captivate and the applications you need to record.

          One way around these conflicts is to establish a remote desktop connection between the PC with Captivate on it and a different PC. You then "drive" and record the application remotely.

          Might be worth a shot... Rick