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    Getting, setting contents of a field, whose name is parsed out of target path

    McFrisco Level 1

      It seems that every scripting language I start using, it all goes back to this problem.  How do I evaluate a string as a variable name or text field name, and get or set the contents of that variable or text field?


      Here's my attempt so far:  Where do I go off the rails?  Thanks in advance for your help.



      var mySelf:Person = new Person ("Enter Your Name", "Enter Your Email", "Enter Your Phone");


      //Person is an external class file.  The variables in it are named "_HomName, _HomEmail, _HomPhone."


      //I name the on screen text fields "HomName_txt, HomName_txt, HomPhone_txt.)

      var keyListener:Object = new Object ();
      keyListener.onKeyDown = function () {
      if (Key.isDown (Key.TAB)) {
        saveData(parseTarget (Selection.getFocus ()));


      Key.addListener (keyListener);

      function parseTarget (atarget) {
      var my_str:String = atarget;
      var my_array:Array = my_str.split (".");
      trace (my_array[1]);



      return my_array[1];

              function parseName(aname)
              //to delete the _something suffix off of a target hame
        var my_str:String = aname;
      var my_array:Array = my_str.split ("_");
      trace (my_array[0]);
      return my_array[0];


               function saveData(mystring)
               //to save data from a field or other onscreen container into class object var
               trace("What's in _HomName? " + mySelf._HomName);  //This returns "Enter Your Name"
      myvar = parseName(mystring);
      trace("Name from item " + myvar);

      myclassvar =  "_" + myvar;
      //this["var"+i] = "first"

      this["mySelf."+ myclassvar] = this[mystring + ".text"]

      trace ("whats in the class variable " + myclassvar + "? " + this["mySelf."+ myclassvar])  //this returns "undefined"