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    Creating FLV not FL4 files in Premier

    jkb242 Level 1

      I need to create a short verison of a production to send to a client and trying to generate a flv file format.  I plant to take it to captivate to make the html link and js files so it can be played using a link to a site.  I can only seem to find an fl4 output from Premier not an FLV. Am I missing something?  How can I create this file please assist.



      By the way, is there anyway to create the file in Encore and get all the supporting files need to play via an internet link?  Someone commented on this before but I could never find a way to do it.  I would need the htm file and all the other player embedded files as an otuput.  I would like to avoid the double step process of using captivate to generate these player files.