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    Adobe Contribute CS3 Connection Error


      I am trying to use Adobe Contribute CS3 Version 3.1 to connect our web server.  I can use WS_FTP and WinSCP to connect to it fine.  Our web server is running under CentOS 5.x.  When I try to connect using the connection wizard in Contribute, I receving the following error:

      Contribute cannot verify your connection information. 
      Please  contact your administrator for assistance.

      I have tried both FTP and SFTP.  Again, I can login, navigate to /tmp and upload, download, and delete files fine using WinSCP.  Can someone let me know what Contribute is trying to do to verify the connection?  Is there a log file?  Any help is appreciated.

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          When I first tried to connect to our web server, I received a similar error.  What worked for me was getting rid of the folder designation when trying to connect in Contribute (in your case /tmp) and allowing users to have permissions to access all folders on the web server.  I create Contribute roles to limit the users to specific folders.


          I hope that helps.