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    Kuler panel in PS CS4 shows incorrect colors

    jdkraft Level 1

      Using the kuler panel in PS CS4, I've found that the swatches displayed do not match the actual colors that get used.


      Say I set my foreground color to some arbitrary color rgb (133,70,104).   If I make that the base color in kuler, the kuler panel will show a swatch that is actually (129,67,103), although the sliders just below will read 133,70,104.  I have checked this by doing a screen capture and using the eyedropper tool to check the swatches in the kuler panel.  The discrepancy is even more pronounced when using green colors.


      So kuler displays the correct NUMBERS, but the COLOR displayed is off, from what is actually used in PS.


      I have a calibrated system.  I have not tested this in other apps.


      Any explanation/ideas why I am getting these color shifts?