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    I'm new to the whole thing of forums, so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong . . .  I need help on with an old version of Adobe Photo Deluxe 2

    kit's child

      I have the disc for Adobe Photo Deluxe 2 --- I know it is a very old program, but it does what I need to do in a very easy way.  I have tried downloading PhotoShop Album starter edition and Adobe Photoshop Elments version 7 - and they just don't do what I need as easily - or I can't figure it out.  Anyhow, I'm using vista on a new machine and cannot run Adobe Photo Deluxe 2 - any help to get this program running would be greatly appreciated.  I'm mainly using it to fix and edit clip art for a church newsletter.  So I really don't have a lot of money (like none) to spend on buying a new program that still won't do what I need it to do.  Thanks for any and all help on this issue.