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    Changes in Designer/Code Not reflected when running the application


      I've been going through the lynda.com tutorials on Flex and have all of the sample projects imported as I use them. I've noticed periodically that I'm making code changes and those changes aren't displaying when running the code.


      So I make a standalone project move the mxml application there click run and it seems to work fine...I move onto the next chapter which builds on the previous find more weirdness from the imported project so go back to my created standalone project and make the changes there and dog gone it if that didn't stop reflecting my changes. I went as far as to check the swf in the bin-debug to see if maybe the browser was caching my page swf was wrong. Tried renaming the .swf thinking it would just recreate it on build and if you're an experienced flex dev I assume you know that does not work.


      I tried making obvious changes like adding a "z" to the end of all my labels and those changes aren't showing up. I refreshed the designer ...the designer looks fine its actually Running the application that's not working.


      Losing my mind....