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    Video and Audio are different files

    Alex Wiench



      I am trying to export a project with the MPEG2 Blue-ray settings in Premiere Pro CS3. When I do this I get separate video and audio files. Since I want to be able to upload this to Youtube it needs to be all one file.


      The only reason why I am exporting it as a MPEG2 Blue-ray, is because it seems to be the only setting that I don't loose significant details with. (The source is HD)


      So my questions are...

      • Is there a way to have both the audio and the video in one file?
      • Is there better settings to use when exporting to try and retain as much detail as possible along with the audio?

      I'm running Vista 32bit and filming with a Panasonic HS250. (I used a converter so I don't think that the AVCHD is the issue)


      Thank you