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    Text to Speech errors > unwanted extra text added to slides

    mark clarke

      Dear all,


      I've been using the new "text to speech" engine and I have to say it's pretty good. BTW, I prefer Paul's voice rather than Kate's.


      There is an annoying bug when you're typing text in the relevant boxes . Captivate appears to get confused and holds random lines of text in memory and inserts them into the slide. It's taken me ages to figure out a fix but this seems to work :


      1. Delete the text from the offending slide in the timeline
      2. Clean your library for any unwanted files
      3. Save the file
      4. Click on a DIFFERENT slide to the one where you want to write the text
      5. Go to Audio > Speech Management and insert the text in the proper slide
      6. Click Apply changes


      This should work and stop these random text entries being inserted and spoiling your project. Let me know if you've encountered this before and/or can find a better fix.




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          I'm having this same problem.   This is the message I received from adobe tech support:



          I am Mukul from Adobe Captivate Quality Team and this is regarding the text to speech issue you are facing. We are really sorry to know that you are facing problems with this feature.

          Can you please try to delete/rename the Captivate_v40.dat file available at the following location -

          Win XP - <home-dir>\Documents and Settings\<username>\

          Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Captivate\

          Win Vista - <home-dir>\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Captivate\

          Please note that deleting / renaming this file, you will lose any project preferences if you have set in Captivate. Hence please rename the file and check if it resolves your issue.]

          I've renamed it.  Didn't work.  I deleted it.  Still didn't work.  I am at my wits end about this.  If anyone has ANY ideas about this persistant glitch, PLEASE!  I am desperate!




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            Scout's mom Level 2

            Have you tried typing each sentence on its own line?  A pain, I know, but it might solve your problem.


            BTW, I agree that Paul is more natural-sounding than Kate.


            Leslie Bivens

            E-Learning Developer/Captivate Coach