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    ADG Tree - Linked Checkbox Item Renderers

    DHTVP Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I've put together an AdvancedDataGrid that displays nodes from an XML (generated from a MySQL DB) in a tree format with two columns.

      The first column is the actual tree and the second column utilizes a checkbox item renderer.


      What I need to do, however, is to have it so that when a user clicks on the checkbox of a parent node, it selects all child nodes as well.  If the parent node is deselected, all child nodes should also be deselected.  Furthermore, if a child node is checked off, the parent node should also be checked automatically.


      I did find a sample that utilizes a 3-state checkbox for ADG's, but my issues is that the checkbox's are in a different column and not beside the tree nodes.


      Any assistance in this would be really appreciated.




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          flexstone Level 1

          Best advice I can offer before you try to work through a solution is to use Tree component instead of ADG.


          There are so many issues with ADG that I am surprised its still included in the SDK.

          Tree is so much more responsive, ADG adds lots of overhead and more importantly

          it has a RTE when trying to scroll large list.

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            DHTVP Level 1

            The only reason I'm using the ADG is because I need the associated checkboxes in a separate column and the tree alone wouldn't provide this functionality.


            I've actually almost resolved the issue and have a working sample, but now you have got me worried by mentioning that the ADG has issues with it.


            Could you possibly elaborate a little more on the issues that you have seen with the ADG?

            Also, when you say "large list", how large are you referring (ie. 100 nodes? 500? 1000? 5000?)?


            Thanks for your feedback and response.

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              flexstone Level 1

              I think you could simulate column-like display using itemRenderers in Tree component.


              I wanted to use ADG so much and was happy to finally work it out in my app, I thought.


              Then I noticed the issue with responsiveness and what a struggle it was to get the items to always render, that's a whole other topic.


              But I found the Runtime Error that basically crashed my app when my client data required the use of scrollbars to view

              the end of the list. Basically it has trouble with the itemRenderer getMeasurement () method I believe.

              I don't remember the exact error message - once I found out it was RTE I abandoned it completely

              in favor of Tree - nice and stable and does the job for me....


              There is a bug report in bugs.adobe.com/jira about this, others have reported it too.