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    how to use Flex tag library in jsp

      Hi All,

      We are planning to use flex in our J2EE application in order to show some charts. Our j2ee application is in JSP,Struts. I have searched on google about this and found that I can include flex 3 tab library in the jsp in order to use mxml tag in the jsp. I have written a sample program in the jsp which uses flex.

      <%@ taglib uri="FlexTagLib" prefix="mm" %>
      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      function showMessage() {
      message.value = "Use this application wisely";

      function hideMessage() {
      message.value = "";

      <mm:mxml border="5" onmouseover="showMessage();" onmouseout="hideMessage();">

      <TD><input type="text" name="message" size="50"></TD>

      I have added entry inweb.xml. See below,

      Following are the problems that I am currently facing.
      1) Could anybody let me know whether the entry of <taglib> tag is correct in the web.xml. Is it the correct jar(flex-bootstrap.jar) that I should include?

      2) If yes, from where to download it? or
      If no, what is correct jar that i should include and how?

      your response will be highly appriciated as this is the major requirement in our project?

      Thanks ,