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    how to use Flex tag library in jsp

    chandanmahajan Level 1
      Hi All,

      We are planning to use flex in our J2EE application in order to show some charts. Our j2ee application is in JSP,Struts. I have searched on google about this and found that I can include flex 3 tab library in the jsp in order to use mxml tag in the jsp. I have written a sample program in the jsp which uses flex.

      <%@ taglib uri="FlexTagLib" prefix="mm" %>
      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      function showMessage() {
      message.value = "Use this application wisely";

      function hideMessage() {
      message.value = "";

      <mm:mxml border="5" onmouseover="showMessage();" onmouseout="hideMessage();">

      <TD><input type="text" name="message" size="50"></TD>

      I have added entry inweb.xml. See below,

      Following are the problems that I am currently facing.
      1) Could anybody let me know whether the entry of <taglib> tag is correct in the web.xml. Is it the correct jar(flex-bootstrap.jar) that I should include?

      2) If yes, from where to download it? or
      If no, what is correct jar that i should include and how?

      your response will be highly appriciated as this is the major requirement in our project?

      Thanks ,