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    motion tween easing and timeline

    getho Level 2

      just using flash cs4 for the first time (after flash 8). It seems to be the one program where theres a lot of new features since that version (yay new features!) That I dont know how to use (boo!)


      So far I feel like someone at adobe made the mistake of letting the programmers design the usibility, but then flash has always been a bit unintuitive:

      so -

      I create a motion tween but by default it runs to the end of the animation, which makes it difficult to design a custom ease. So I add a blank keyframe to make it only 20 frames long.  Get my easing sorted, but now I want to set it so that it so that it remains visible on the stage for the rest of the animation.  I cant insert a key frame, and if I remove the blank keyframe, the bloody easing which I've just spent an hour getting my head around, is stretched out to the end of the animation.  And presumably if I insert more frames at any point the easing will also get mucked up.


      so is there a way to either convert a blank keyframe to an old fashined timeline keyframe after a motion tween OR

      fix the easing so that it applies between the original points?


      Oh yeah, and ctrl-y instead of ctrl-shift-z. WTF?