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    AVI Problem - Apple OpenDML JPEG Codec Issues


      I have recieved AVI files created on Apple Final Cut Pro, encoded with Apple OpenDML JPEG.


      I am on Visti Ultimate with CS4 Premeir Pro Professional.   The video and frames are choppy in Premeir and the audi does not track.


      Exporting to an FLV results in a perfect output.


      Where do I find the codec for Win Ver of  Apple OpenDML JPEG?


      Why does Adobe Media Encoder CS4 work and Premeir Pro does not?

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Use AME to convert the Quicktime files to DV AVI files.

          PPro works best with DV AVI.

          If you really want to persue the Apple codec, then Apple's Web site would be the place to go.


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            MarkAbrams Level 1

            Whats AME?

            Where do I find it?

            Do I have to degrade the video by rendering it again just to work with it?

            If I work with the vidiographer again - is there an encoding feature on FinalCut that outputs DV AVI?


            Thanks but I need more help.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Also, with many things Apple, QuickTime Pro (US$40 upgrade for QT Player) will do a nice job of converting to DV-AVI Type II files. Just use its Export command, and choose the DV CODEC from the drop-down list.


              Whenever I get almost any file from a Mac, that is my go-to conversion utility. To date, it's worked a treat. At the worst, one might have to go to the Apple site and get an additional CODEC.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                AME = Adobe Media Encoder. It was part of PrPro, until CS4, when it became a stand-alone program. It can be used as a totally separate program, i.e. launched independently of PrPro, or it can be launched from within PrPro and then links to the Project are established. It installs with PrPro automatically.


                Degrading of the material, if it has not happened with the Export from FCP, should not take place, if one goes to DV-AVI. Any compression done in FCP will been done, and any "damage" done there.


                FCP and PrPro CS4 are getting closer, and will likely get closer still with the 4.1 update (next week???). I've had no problems with most DV-spec .MOV files from Mac's. If I do, I run them through QuickTime Pro and Export as DV-AVI Type II files for PrPro. I do not do HD work, so have no experience with the possible HD CODEC's and formats. I also do not know FCP, so cannot give specific recs. Others do, and can help you with full details - gotta' wait for them to chime-in.


                Good luck,




                PS as far as that videographer is concerned, tell 'em to just get a PC and PrPro and be done with it! [Grin] Just a joke, just a joke. Don't throw any rotten Apples at me, as it was just a joke. [For the real answer, see last paragraph, and wait for some FCP knowledgable folk to comment.

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                  MarkAbrams Level 1



                  Thank you.


                  This is helpful to understand.  My problem is with the input.  The source file is at 24FPS in HD progressive.  PPro expects 29.9 FPS and the audio track in the editor goes out of sync in a few seconds.  Video frames appear to be dropping also after several seconds.


                  AME is a post process on export from PPro to encode for the final product - in my case FLV. AME can produce the proper tracking sync, however it is in the PPro editor (scrubber) where the process fails.  One cannot edit the video when the editor is gagging and will not compensate for DV HDV progressive 24?


                  Running the file twice is a waste of resources and deliberately degrades the product as a work around.


                  I'm not a happy Adobe Client. Adobe support is not helpful.  For the $$$ I spent, my support is an Indian call center staffed with newbies; dealing with people who don't know what they are talking about technically and tell me after 30 minutes of on-hold to now go and write in the bug / features request form as 2nd level Adobe support does not respond to them.   What kind of operation is this?  Looks like the Adobe gang in the "Ivory Tower" is taking lessons from Microsoft in arrogance.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    With the 24P HD source material, I'll not be of much help. However, I think that you can change the Project Preset to something akin to, or to, 24P. In CS4, you can do this for just the Sequence. You should be able to create a new Sequence and from the Presets drop-down, either choose something closer to your source footage, or tweak an existing Preset to match your source footage.


                    There are seveal users here, who do work with 24P and variations of that. They will be your resources. There are also some older articles that Jim Simpn authored that cover a lot of the 24P ground, though I think they were for SD material.


                    I do hear you about Adobe TS. Last time that I used it was when everything was in/near San Jose, CA/USA. They were great, knowledgable and highly motivated to help me. Support was once great. Recently, I read horror stories, and it's not just Adobe. I used to think that MS was the worst company for TS. Unfortunately, they did not imporve, and it seems that all other software companies came down to their level. TS does cost a bunch of $, and bottom lines get tighter each year.


                    I strongly feel that fora, like this, will likely be your best resource. The people here know oh, so much, about working with PrPro, and many work in all sorts of formats. The only problem will be that you do need to wait for them to stop by and share their knowledge.


                    Two months ago, I'd also recommend doing a Search of this forum (and CS3, and so forth) for articles that also might help - like those from Jim Simon. However, the world changed in that time. The fora were re-worked. Search is almost like TS in India, or wherever. Much was lost. Reminds me of the Great Library at Alexandria... Still, searching from Adobe's fora might yield results. Google, et al, will not be of that much use, as the links they will likely furnish will now be dead - the structure of the fora changed that much.


                    Good luck, and please post your changes and how they worked. In the meantime, sit back, and wait for someone with the knowledge to help you, to weigh-in. While you're waiting, visit the PrPro-wiki. A lot of articles have been archived there. You will also find some great tutorials and original articles on almost every aspect of PrPro. Do not limit searches for info to just CS4. Much material is not version-specific and might be in CS3, or PrPro 2.



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                      MarkAbrams Level 1


                      I used the preset DV-24P widescreen


                      For editing 23.976 fps footage shot in 24P or 24PA (24P Advanced) modes.
                      Widescreen NTSC frame aspect ratio (16:9).
                      48kHz (16 bit) audio.
                      2:3:3:2 pull-up for playback to a DV device.


                      Dragged sequence 1 to video 1 and had the exact same results with tracking.  the only difference between the present and my file is the original size is 1280x720 and the preset is 720 x 480


                      Only the QuickTime player will play the file correctly on my PC.  


                      There should be a codec lib at Adobe and the vendors should register their codices for use with PPro.