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    What is the best system for editing HD in Adobe Premiere CS4?


      I’m a Portuguese video enthusiast since the linear editing times. I’ve been reading this forum from some days with special interest, cause I want to build a new HD workstation.
      My video productions are with AVCHD material and Adobe CS4 Master Collection. My old workstation – good enough for DV and HDV material – can’t now efficiently handle the original footage and editing work.
      So, I plan to build a totally new workstation, probably with the following components:


      – Board: ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
      – CPU: Core i7 975 (3,33 Ghz) Extreme
      – RAM: triple channel 12Gb 2000Mhz OCZ Blade series
      – VGA: Nvidia Quadro CX 1,5Gb DDR3
      – Storage: 4 x Seagate Barracuda ES.2 500Gb 7200 3Gb/s
      – Optical: Plextor BD-R/RE reader/writer
      – Power supply: Corsair HX1000
      – Case: Antec Twelve Hundred
      – OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64bits


      Any suggestions? Any changes needed/recommended? Any money spent for nothing?
      Another question: how do I configure the 4 Barracuda ES.2? My idea is 2-500Gb drives splited into a Raid 1 array for the OS+Apps and a Raid 0 array for page file and media cache and the other 2-500Gb drives in a Raid 1 array to store the original footage. I never have more than 2 hours of video to edit, so I don’t need lots of space for the original footage.
      Is it better 2 1Tb disks instead of the 4 500Gb? Do I need the RAID arrays? These are the points where I have more doubts.
      I will appreciate some opinions and recommendations.


      Thanks a ton!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You may have a look at this:


          How to get the best from a PC


          From the looks of it, budget is not so much a problem. However I would not opt for the i7-975, but for a simple 17-920 overclocked to 3.6 GHz. With the money saved from that move alone you can get an Areca ARC-1680iX-12 raid controller with 2 GB cache for some more disks. I would not choose Seagates, but either the cheap Samsung Spinpoint F1 or the WD Caviar Black disks. With current prices I would only choose 1 TB disks, but would not go for less than 4 disks for the video part, and a separate WD Velociraptor as boot disk for OS and programs.


          OCZ Blade 2000 MHz is a waste of money. 1600 DDR3 is quite enough and a lot cheaper. As stated in one of the guides linked to above, it makes more sense to get memory with the lowest CAS at the normal FSB frequency than to pay extra for higher frequency at the detriment of CAS.


          I include an overview of my system, maybe it gives you some ideas on components.



          Hope this helps.