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    How to publish video?

    dino12823 Level 1

      Okay guys well I'm kind of new to Premiere Pro CS3 and was just wondering how you publish a video?

      The video I used in my video is a 1280x720 25fps wmv file.

      To publish do I just go File > Export > Adobe Media Encoder. Then in "Present" i selected HDTV 720p 25 High Quality.

      Is this how you publish?


      What I'm making is a tv show and there's an ad at the bottom with writing, shapes etc but they kind of look not high quality (HD)

      Anyway to fix this?


      Btw, is there anything in Adobe Premiere Pro that will alow fixing windy noises? I've got some footage but you can hear wind so I want to get rid of that!


      + What is so different to After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro?



      Thank you sooo much!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, you will need to think about what you want/intend, when you "publish" the movie. Do you want to Burn to SD-DVD, or BD, or do you want to upload as "streaming" content? There are a lot of choices to make initially. That will determine the workflow path that you use. Without that info, no one will know. Make that decision first, then ask for advice, predicated on your choice. Until then, the only answer will be, "it depends."


          For wind noise, there are some Audio Effects in PrPro, but they are limited. There are some 3rd party VST plug-ins that can help too. There are more tools for this in Soundbooth, but for critical work, I strongly recommend Adobe Audition (if you're on a PC) and Pro Tools, if you are on a Mac. Much can be done to "improve" the Audio, but only you, though listening and tweaking, will ever know if it's "fixed."


          As for the ads, again the answer is "it depends." Please describe, or better yet, post a snippet of the footage, or a screen-cap with the Program Monitor view, and tell us specifically what you want removed. Also, you will need to tell us the answer from the first paragraph above. That will help determine the best way to handle your desire to "remove" the ad.


          AfterEffects is basically a very high-powered X-platform animation program. It does much more, but that is its main use to general users. Much of what it does can also be done in PrPro. One might have more control, or tools in AE, but PrPro can handle a lot of animation too. I use it, until I run out of tools to do the work, then move to AE. Is there something in particular, that you wish to do? That will help someone direct you to PrPro, or to AE.


          Good luck,



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            dino12823 Level 1

            Hi thanks for the reply.

            Well I just want it to be a normal WMV file so I could watch on on the computer + upload it on youtube.


            And as for the ads, what I'm taking about is whenever I put a word (font) or shape (box) of something onto of another, when I publish it the quality of the font/shape doesn't look that great.


            So basically whenever I publish a video, the quality of it never turns out like the orginal.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thanks for the clarifications.


              The quality of the Titles will depend on two things:


              1.) the design elements used, i.e. artwork and font


              2.) the Export settings (format and CODEC) used to get your Sequence to a .WMV file (your case)


              For comments on the Titles, see this LINK. There are also tips on the proper CODEC to use. The final choice of the CODEC's inside the .WMV wrapper might take some experimentation. Higher bit-rates will likely yield better visual results, though at the expense of a larger file. The quality vs size issue is one that faces us all. Only your eyes can determie what is best, based on the target file size. Experiment and look closely.


              Your Project Presets will play a role in this too. It's best to set up your Project based on the dimensions of your source footage, then establish your Export settings based on your target file size, with the highest bit-rate that will fit that file size.


              Good luck,