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    Mac Projector Can't find external files



      I am having a problem creating a mac projector from director 11 on Windows XP: My project is built from an opening movie which calls other movies with "open window" and "go movie" commands. While there is no problem with the Windows projector, the Mac projector never finds the other movies, no matter where I put them. Same thing happens with the Xtras. If I include all the files in the projector, including the Xtras, the projector works - However it is too big and takes too much to load. The whole point of this project is to use external files, and since it works on the Windows projector, I suppose there is something I miss - Can anyone help on this? I looked in similiar threads, but didn't come up with an answer. Regarding the Xtras, I can get the Windows projector create the Xtras folder if I check "exclude all xtras", but no such folder appears in the MyProject.app folder. I tryed putting this folder (also with the mac Xtras that I took from the Cross Platform Resources folder, but no use.

      What am I doing wrong??????