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    Bizzare way to boost render time....

    ShaunLawson Level 1

      Hi -


      I've been using Premiere since way back to version 4.2. I'm currently using CS4.


      I love the new features, but the render times are HUGE! Including still exports.


      One of my Video drive, a Samsung, was getting near full so, this weekend I installed a new Segate 1TG Video drive to my system.


      No other changes to my system. Hardware or software.


      Now my render speed is much better! Stills used to take around 2 mins to export. Now I can export stills in around 17 seconds!!!!!


      This new drive is just a standard SATA. Standard same as the Samsung.So read/wrtie as approx on par with each other.


      I was wondering, perhaps, does CS4 have bugs with Samsung HDs?


      The spped boost is great. Exporting still just like th eolder version of Preimere.


      I haven;t xported video as yet, but will reort finding in the next few days.


      Anyone else found this?