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    Canon HF-20 Camcoder is not recongnized


      Hello All,


      I just bought an Canon HF-20 AVCD Camcorder and also Adobe Premiere Elements 7.


      I'm trying import my videos from my camcorder to my software and Premier say it cannot locate my device.


      I've connected my camcoder via it's USB port, I have in the past imported video's before using it own software that came with the camera.


      Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.?


      Or my camcorder will not work with Premiere 7 and I can get a refund for my software?


      Any help would be apreciated



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          PE basically will only Capture via FireWire. There is a somewhat rare instance where it will use a particular USB connection, but I do not think that your camera will fit that exception.


          Looking on the Canon/USA site, it only seems to have USB and video/audio out only. No mention is made of FW. You will probably have to get the files onto your computer via the included Canon software, or similar, and then Import the files into PE. While this is not exactly the same, the results will be identical. It's two steps, instead of one.


          Now, if your camera does match that exception, I hope that someone will correct me. I'm just going from the spec. sheet and do not own, or know the camera.


          Good luck,



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            ramblnmn Level 1

            Thanks Hunt for your help.


            I wonder if Premiere is not a good program to use for this camcorder.....


            I just tried to connect an older camcorder a Sony DCR-TRV530 DIGITAL 8 and for some reason even connected via 1394 and it still didn't see this camcorder as well......


            I mean this was the reason for buying the Canon because I wasn't able to get my videos off the Sony.....  


            Could it be Vista Ultimate I'm using......I'm pretty confused



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              Paul_LS Level 4

              It is a fairly common problem with the Canon range (HF10, HF100) of AVCHD camcorders and PE7. Solution is to use the software that came with the camcorder to download the AVCHD files to your PC and then use Get Media, From Files and Folders to import the clips.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                I just tried to connect an older camcorder a Sony DCR-TRV530 DIGITAL 8 and for some reason even connected via 1394 and it still didn't see this camcorder as well......


                A couple of questions on this camera:


                Does Windows see it properly? Do you get the little "bong-bong," when plugged in and turned on? Does it show properly in Control Panel>System>Device Manager? Any errors?


                If everything checks out, per above, you might experiment with the order that you turn it on, once connected. In PrPro, some cameras need to be on and set to the proper Mode, before the program is launched. With other cameras, Premiere needs to be launched, the camera turned on and then the Capture module invoked. Still others want Premiere launched, the Capture module invoked, and THEN they are turned on. It seems to differ mfgr. to mfgr. and even model to model.


                If the first tests failed, can you try a different FW cable? It could also be the connection port on either the camera, or the card. Last, it could even be the IEEE-1394 controller, or even the MoBo's BIOS. Troubleshooting any of these, past the cable, can involve some hardware switching, etc.


                Last, and Paul_LS addresses this, many people will use other programs for their Capture for a number of reasons, and then edit in the NLE program of their choice. If having one program only to do Capture and editing is important, then I'd suggest doing some trials of a few others. The Sony Vegas programs, CyberLink Power Director and Magix MovieEdit Pro get high marks. Pinnacle, not such high marks. Still, many folk like PE better, and just use something else to get around some incompatibilities. Though I use PrPro for most of my editing, I have a copy of PE, because it does things with files, that PrPro cannot even touch. I have a pretty full "toolbox" of utilities and NLE's and use each, where required, though the work from these ends up in PrPro.


                Good luck, and hope you find both the solution for the Sony camera and also the right NLE for you,



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                  I am running Windows Vista 64 Ultimate (64-bit Vista version) with - after many online updates - SP2

                  The Canon HF20 works OK with Vista 64-bit, sort-of.


                  While it appears that genric Windows drivers are used to recognize the HF20 memory (if you connect it

                  properly - with the Power Supply connected - and to a USB 2 port - and put it in "Play" mode first -

                  and wait for a while)

                  there is a challenge in getting the media files into Premiere Elements 7 in the best possible way.


                  When I attach the HF20 via USB 2.0, it appears as two drives (J: and K:) - this can take a minute or two.

                  -K: is the internal 32 GB memory and appears as a hard drive to Windows.

                  -J: is the plug-in SD card and appears as a removable USB drive to Windows.


                  Premiere Elements 7 does not show the K: drive as an option for getting media from an AVCHD camcorder - only J:.


                  However, I can acquire the .mts AVCHD files from the built-in K: drive using the Premiere PC Files&Folders option instead,

                  and navigating through the K:\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM folders to find them.

                  The nasty side-effect is that they have generic, numbered file names - e.g. 00014.MTS.


                  Since the Canon-supplied ImageMixer 3 SE Ver.5 software supplied in the HF20 carton (Aug 2009) seems to start

                  automatically when you plug the camera into the USB 2.0 port - yes, even on Vista 64, which isn't certified with PIXELA software -

                  a better option seems to be to use ImageMixer to capture the video files from the camcorder and then point Adobe Premiere

                  to the files it creates instead.

                  I believe the final folder name (the path from [My] Documents\[My} Videos, etc.)  is to  to the IMx3SEVer5 folder


                  Those files, at least, are named for the date on which they were shot.