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    CS3 works with XP pro x64 ... but....

    John Currie Level 1

      Recently have seen a few references in different threads to PPro CS 3 and Win XP Pro x64. My experience is that CS 3 does work very well with XP Pro x64 with the exception of AME exporting to WME, PPro crashes immediately that is tried.  Eddie L replied to a previous posting that the work around is export (using AVI?) from PPro and import to WME and output from there as desired. This works great, thanks Eddie. (The 64 bit WME version runs very quickly)


      OK, now the but,... I have added a 1 TB WD eSATA drive to my setup which is:


      Asus P5E3 Deluxe m/b (uses Intel x38 chipset)

      CPU Intel QX9650 @ 3GHz (Quad core)

      Memory DDR3 @ 1333MHz, 4 GB

      Asus EAH4870 1GB DDR5 Graphics card (1 only)

      3 Nr WD Raptor HDD 250 GB each (10,000RPM), not RAID configured

      OS Windows XP Pro 64 bit


      PPro CS 3 now crashes with the error reporting as "Adobe Premiere Pro has encountered a serious error and needs to shut down" or words to that effect. This has occurred after I had set the Scratch disks etc under Preferences to point to the eSATA drive on a PAL SD Project I had previously completed (well not quite completed, awaiting final approval). The question is why the crash? Is this because of the OS being Win XP Pro x64, or the fact that PPro CS 3 does not like eSATA drives for scratch disks, especially on a previously setup project pointing to an internal drive? Does PPro CS 3 "see" the eSATA drive in a similar manner to Network drives that it dislikes?







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          This is just a guess, and I can't even test your setup but... with PrPro2, on XP-Pro SP3, I edit to/from FireWire 800 2TB externals, and have never had one issue. As I often move these externals between my computers, I have all Scratch Disks set to "Same As Project," along with my source files, etc.


          While it's not my normal setup for the workstation, and is not the ideal setup, it works OK - so far. This is with SD material only.


          Your eSATA should have better throughput, than my FW-800, so had you asked me, before you did this, other than the XP-64 caveat, I'd said, yes, go for it.


          Sorry that I have nothing concrete for you, and only references to something similar, that works for me. Since the OS does not need drivers for the externals (don't think that the eSATA would either), I do not know how XP-64 would come into play. It should behave pretty much like XP-32, but I have never used the 64-bit version, so could be missing something really big.


          Good luck, and please report your findings. There are still a few XP-64 questions out there, so you might help someone else.



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            John Currie Level 1


            Thank you for your response.


            Do you connect your camera via Firewire and capture to the external Firewire connected drive at the same time?

            I agree that it is difficult to reconcile a possible XP - 64 influence with
            accessing the eSATA drive causing PPro CS 3 to crash. In a previous post I
            noted that within PPro when an asset is being imported as a separate
            individual file, on Win XP Pro x64, the system takes a very long time in
            computer terms to retrieve the file and pull it into the PPro Project Panel.
            This does not happen when that same asset/file is within an imported Folder,
            the system reacts as expected, instantaneously, and it shows immediately in
            the Project Panel inside the imported Folder. I mention this because the
            accessing of files from within a 32 - bit application (PPro) on a 64 - bit
            OS works but in its own good time, so I thought possibly the routing of  the
            import request within PPro was causing it to trip up, hence the crash.

            The eSATA drive was delivered on Saturday AM, so I've not had much chance to
            try out various scenarios, but I am also having difficulties getting my
            system to recognise the eSATA drive at boot up. This may also be a factor
            with PPro, but at the time of the crash(s) the eSATA drive was definitely recognised by
            Windows, I had already moved files into it within the same session using Windows Explorer.

            The (up to) 3 Gb/s throughput of eSATA, I thought, was going to be more than adequate
            for capture etc as you confirm and all I had to do was plug the new drive in, switch the computer on and away we go.

            I'll keep you informed if I get a resolution, in the meantime I've
            reinstated the scratch disk to point to an internal drive as before.

            Thanks again


            PS I may connect the eSATA drive using the supplied USB 2.0 cable as an
            experiment. The only thing is that the 480Mb/s USB throughput will also be
            shared with other USB equiptment such as keyboard, mouse, card reader and so

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I have not done this. I always connect to the FW-400 port from my MoBo and Capture to an internal HDD. Some cameras do not like sharing a FW controller. I have one multi-channel FW-400 controller with 4 ports. I also have a multi-channel PCI card with 2x 2-FW-800 ports and 1x 1-FW-400 port. The controller chips can play a role. Were I doing a Capture to a FW device, the external would be on one of the FW-800 chips, with the camera the only connection to one of the MoBo's FW-400 chips. I could see the potential for a Capture device (camera) being connected to the same chip that also runs the FW external. Now, if using eSATA, I would think that it would not matter, so long as other devices were not sharing the FW connection with the camera. Note: speculation, based on reading many sources. I have not tried the FW to FW capture, even with the multi-channel chips on my MoBo and my PCI FW-800 card. Do not know how it would work.


              Good luck,



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                John Currie Level 1

                Hi Hunt


                Agreed wrt Firwire, that's why I asked out of curiosity.


                Will not bore you with all the details but I finally got the eSATA drive recognised again by the system at bootup this AM. Double checked the "nearly" complete project would load into PPro CS 3, no it did not. PPro crashed with the same error report as before.  Reloaded PPro opening a new project, OK it opened, checked the Scratch disks etc under Preferences, this was as I had left it, pointing to the initial internal drive, so the eSATA drive may be a red herring. Since that crash I have "saved as copy" and made sure I did not have spaces in the name, as the original project title has. Both projects are now loading normally.


                I assume that part of PPro intialisation will be to check the scratch disk etc is accessible and will have an error trap/alert if not. I still feel PPro is timing out because prior to the crash it takes a long, long time before crashing. Having said that the project is quite large, about 1 hour 15min timeline with titles, transitions, stills, the full Bhoona and takes quite a long time anyway to load.


                Anyway, if I find an answer, I'll post it asap.


                Thanks again



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                  John Currie Level 1

                  Touch wood, the PPro CS 3 crashes have been eliminated by reinstating my system from a backup image. The eSATA HDD is attached and recognised by the computer and the Scratch disk setup under Preferences in PPro points to it. The project that caused the crash previously now loads (have tried twice and it worked both times).


                  Because the recognition of the eSATA drive is currently hit & miss, based on hitting a key at the correct time during boot, the Scratch disk setup is being reverted to point to an internal disk meantime.


                  Bottom line is the crashes seem to have had nothing to do with Win XP Pro x64, and independant of eSATA HDD recognised or not.


                  I believe the source of the PPro malfunction was due to a codec I had downloaded and installed last week. This codec showed up in PPro as an option for export as  Movie setting, it has now disappeared from the system totally after the system rewind.


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                    That's good news. Hope that things hold well for you.


                    Unfortunately, there is just not that much help available due to the OS. You're not quite exploring new frontiers, but just going where no one has gone in a while.


                    Thanks for reporting. There could always be another "explorer" out there, and you may have just helped them greatly. Wish I could have been more help, but I'm still on XP-Pro 32-bit.


                    Good luck,