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    Exporting Glitches in PP CS3


      I have tried exporting with just about every codec that I have available and I cannot seem to figure out why I am getting these glitches in the exported video.  It does not show in the the editor at all.

      here is a video sample of my problem:



      Here is a single frame of the glitch:


      Does anyone know what this might be??

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          If what I include below is what you are talking about, it will likely not be in your Export, but in your Timeline. This screen-cap is from near the end of your example, but I think that I saw similar in about three other places. Just could not Pause the Vimeo in time to catch any of the others, but they looked similar.


          Ryan's Glitches.jpg


          It looks to me like there is an Embossed image that is displaced to the right. Can you do a screen-cap of your Timeline in this area. Please also show the Effects Control Panel with this Clip selected and any applied Effects opened.


          Just in case I am wrong, please tell us about the file in Vimeo, the settings and format Exported, and also specifically which Export options and setting you have tried.


          If this is not what you're talking about, please do a still frame capture of the glitch.


          Good luck,




          [Edit] Dang! I did not see your second link, only the first to the Vimeo. We ARE talking about the same thing then. The Timeline screen-cap, or screen-caps to get as much of the detail, as possible, might yield a clue. Disregard my request for an example - I've seen it NOW. Sorry about that.

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            rspaulding Level 1

            Here is a screenshot of PP:



            The video that I uploaded to vimeo is encoded with Quicktime H264:


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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Thank you for the screen-caps. I did not catch anything in your Export settings, but maybe others can.


              Now, for your Effects Control Panel, can you twirl down your two Lighting Effects and post another screen-cap. You may have to do two, or stretch your Effects Control Panel down to show the details, depending on what settings you used.


              I kinda' expected to see something on the Video Track above, or some other Effects. So far, things look pretty clean.


              Unfortunately, the Vimeo did not have a TimeCode (would possibly make the next step easier), but can you first do a horizontal zoom on your Timeline and start at the first frame of that particular Clip. Use the button to step through the Clip, one frame at a time. Do you see anything out of the ordinary in the Program Monitor? If not, then step back through with the button. I often find the horizontal zoom will let the frame-by-frame action with the cursor keys to go more smoothly. On the Vimeo example, these little glitches seemed to be about 1 frame, so you might have to look closely to see it, if it is in the footage. I also find when looking for rogue frames, etc., that sometimes playing with the scrubber on the monitor, and varying the speed will show up tiny imperfections, that even frame-by-frame does not.


              Hope that I'm right, as you'll be getting a cramp in your finger, hitting that cursor so much. Luckily, the Clip is short.


              Good luck,




              PS looking carefully at the screen-cap that I posted, and the one that you posted, it looks like a Find Edges Filter on a negative (inverted) image, giving the impression of Embossing. Right now, Lighting is the only thing that I wonder about. It also appears that no Effects are Keyframed. Is that correct?

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                Another quick thought. Try moving your WAB (Work Area Bar) to just that Clip and do another Export of the WAB only (not the whole Sequence), using the same settings. If you get the same exact glitch in the same spot, then we can possibly say that there is something in the Clip. If the glitch does not exist, or has moved dramatically, then you are probably right about the Export.


                Good luck,



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                  rspaulding Level 1

                  OK, so I did figure out that the Lighting Effects aare what was causing the problem.  I disabled them, re-exported twice and the glitches were gone.  Maybe it's my settings?


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                    rspaulding Level 1

                    Is there any way to still use my lighting effects but not get these glitches?

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      First, glad that you found the problem.


                      Next, the only thing that looks odd on your Lighting Effects dialog shot is the Bump Layer. It's set to VT 3, and I saw nothing on VT3. Is that a mistake, or is there something that I am missing? While I use Lighting some, I am anything but an expert in all of its settings. It would easy for ME to miss something.


                      I'm also puzzled why/how it affected just those very few frames. Could it be the combo of two Lighting Effects?


                      Wish I could be of more use in this.


                      What about Nesting your Clip and then applying the Lighting Effects to the Nested Sequence? Another possibility might be to use that/those Clip(s) in another Sequence and apply one Lighting Effect, then Exporting that as DV-AVI, or perhaps a full lossless CODEC like Lagarith, or HuffYUV. Import that into a new Sequence and apply the second Lighting Effect to that. Again, Export using the CODEC of choice, and Import back to your original Sequence, replacing the current Clip(s). I'm thinking that I noticed this glitch in about 4 Clips total, but you'd probably know exactly where you used the Effect. Also, AfterEffects might be able to get you what you want, without the problems. However, you first need AE, need to know it and then need to do some Import/Export, but with Dynamic Link (DL), this might be easier.


                      Last, you could leave it and tell the client that it's really a subliminal message, instructing all viewers to go buy the CD, download the MP3 from the band's site, or similar... [Grin]


                      Good luck, and please update the thread with what you find that works for your Project,



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                        rspaulding Level 1

                        YES! it WAS that stupid "bump layer"   I set it to 'none' and no more glitches!

                        It was set to Video 3 by default... honestly I don't even know what a bump layer is so I left it alone. :/


                        THANKS Hunt! you were more than helpful! I owe ya one!

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Cool. Even as my golfing partner says when I sink a 40' birdie putt, "even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while... "


                          Best news is that it got your Project up and running.


                          Actually posting the solution is pay-back enough. Maybe someone else will be in the same spot, and see your post.