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    DVD Menus in Elements 7 on Vista... ???


      I'm pretty sure this has been covered before, but I can't find an answer to this problem anywhere in the forum. Running Elements 7 in 32bit Vista... everything chugs along nicely, until I decide I want to put my DVD together. I line all the tracks up, add menu markers, select a disc menu, drag it across.... drag it across again because nothing happened... still nothing. Click "apply... nothing. Drag it across... and still nothing happens. It doesn't crash or complain, just stubbornly refuses to allow me to use any menu at all.


      I have the same software installed on my laptop, and I have no problems there. The laptop's running XP - could this be a problem? If so, does anyone know of a patch or something similar released by Adobe to fix this?


      Thanks in anticipation...


      Phil O'Brien

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Please give the system specs. on both systems. Pay special attention to the I/O sub-system on the first, where you are working. By this I mean the HDD's and how they are used, especially the defragmented free space available to PE. When one is doing the final build for Burning to DVD, a lot of files are created, far beyond what one might imagine. My guess is that you are out of HDD space and PE just hangs, because it cannot create the files necessary, but we'll not know for sure.


          Good luck,



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            Phil, I typically don't "drag across" or "drag and drop" Menus.


            The "drag and drop" should work, but you might have a damaged/corrupt template, or a faulty Templates install.


            Typically I select a Menu by highlighting it, which highlights the Apply button, then click on the Apply button to complete the load.


            You can force a Repair of PE by re-loading the PE Install disc...