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    Audio and Video Quality

    Patel Bharat Level 2



      I am creating an application like web conference. In which i am broadcasting audio and video using Flash Media Server. But the problem is that the audio and video quality.


      So please guide me to get best audio - video quality.


      Thanks in advance.


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      Bharat Patel  

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          Examine the Camera class in As2. There are a number of methods that affect the quality of video streams such as setMode and setQuality.



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            Patel Bharat Level 2

            Hi schuel2,


            Thanks    for your reply.


            I know about the two methods. But still by setting the quality using that methods, i am not able to get good result.


            And, I think for quality. the network which broadcast audio and video is also responsible. So i am looking for such idea by which the quality parameters are set as level best based on network capacity.



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            Bharat Patel