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    Manually zipping creates broken ePub-files?


      Hi all,


      I'm using ADE for the purpose of testing how my ePub-files are rendered in different programs. For doing this, I manually tweak the contents of ePub-files, compress them, rename them and throw them into ADE and Stanza.


      Up till now I didn't succeed even once in creating an ePub-file that ADE renders correctly. I first thought the little modifications in the contents broke the file, but the simple process of renaming an .epub to .zip, uncompressing, re-compressing (without modifications) and then renaming back to .epub produces files that ADE can't read: "The document appears to have minor errors that might cause it to be displayed incorrectly". For compressing I used the default method on the Mac, and WinRAR on a PC. Both methods didn't work for ADE, but they did for Stanza.


      Somehow manually zipping created files that are slightly different from the original ePub-files, but not so radically different that they break in all readers; just ADE, it seems. Does anyone know what's the cause of this, and how I can resolve this?