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    Building a Nav Bar problem


      Hi guys,


      I'm not aware much of using Fireworks and I'm facing a problem here.


      I'm building a Navigation Bar and I'm trying to export its 3 state-buttons(up, rollover, down).


      However no matter the the format or the transparancy I get this result http://www.picamatic.com/view/3758361_1/


      A white background behind the button appears. Perhaps I'm missing something here or it just doesn't work that way.


      So I've tried building a complex menu. I would name it "multi button menu" by adding frames and Nav Bar behavior to all of the button images but it just doesn't work and it seems my knowledge there is even poorer. The buttons doesn't react at all.




      I'll appreciate any help and advices in both ways of building separately each button or the whole menu at once.


      Thanks for any kind help in advance.

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          Panos Zygopoulos Level 3

          Hi kidwon


          If you know how to create states of buttons, then, after creating all the states, export as html and images.This is how it is gonna work.


          Take a look at your buttons and notice that there is a slice which controls a rectangular area. That area is your button, and while you are at the over state, this whole area changes. This is why you get the white background. You should remember that the other states include the whole rectangular area. So, copy all the area that you wish to be seen at the other states too and not only your circular shaped button.

          Your buttons seem to be hard to read, so you should make them more clear. Graphics are not really popular on the web and we prefer more simple menus and navigation.


          Of course, like the others here would say to you, this is not the appropriate way to build a web site. Create your design in FW and when you want to start bulding it, go with html and css, or you may experiment with the css and images export option (if you want) which comes with the CS4 version.

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            kidwon Level 1

            I see thank you Panos! It seems so obviuos now but it didn't occur to me 


            Thanks also for the advices I totally agree with you I've learned much about webdesign recently.

            This is something I've started at the very beginning when my awareness was even less and by trying to complete it I find better ways and study from bad experience. 


            Again, apreciate your help