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    11.5 sound(x).member sound bug?

    Rix Level 1

      Hi there,


      After managing to get Adobe to address the shockwave 11.5 compressed sounds playing at the wrong pitch, I still seem to have noticed another sound bug since updating to the 11.5 plugin.


      Using Director 11 I use sound(1).member to check if a particular sound is playing in channel 1 or not each frame. Then play a new sound in that channel with puppetSound.


      Since Adobe has updated to 11.5 plugin (even the latest version), The sound(1).member has a lag before it is updated correctly to the newly puppeted sound. This causes a jitter buzz in my games, as the new sound repeatedly tries to play for half a second or so, as the sound(1).member has not been updated in a timely manner.


      Can anyone replicate please? This didn't occur in any previous versions of the plugin.


      Many thanks!