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    Problem with importing JPEG into Flash




      Im using Adobe Flash CS3 PRO. I don't know what's wrong..when I try to import photos into the stage the photos get resized.


      My photographs are 550px by 413px. I set my stage to the same size. Then I go to import to stage. I click import as a sequence. All the photos are appear smaller on the stage. They are only about 200px


      Why is it happening?????


      I am basicaly trying to import a sequence of photographs for my stop motion animation. Do you have any suggestions?


      Thanks for helping!


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know the why of it.  I don't have this problem most of the time, but I have heard it come up before--I don't remember the solution though.  It may have involved importing the image into something that is already scaled smaller.


          Anyways, here's a couple of things to check while waiting for someone who might know more to come along.


          First, select one of the images and select Modify -> Transform -> Remove Transform.  If the Remove Transform option is grayed out, then nevermind.


          If that didn't do anything, try dragging one of the images out to the stage from the library and see if it is the proper size.


          If you have a ton of images, it's likely that neither of the two things above is an attractive solution anyways.

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            spirythm Level 1

            you're genius ned murphy! remove transform works + you were right that it is also a problem with the program used for resizing the photographs. i used photoshop resize option and who knows why it doesn't work well with flash cs3.


            have you got any idea though how can i remove transform from all frames at once? otherwise i have to go frame by frame ;]