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    import slides


      I am trying to import slides presented at a talk.  I know that powerpoint is not supported as a format to import, so I saved the slides as a .tiff file.  I also tried .gif and .jpeg.  The resolution on the slides are so poor that the text can not be read.  Is there a way to import powerpoint slides and have the resolution be good enough to read the text?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This is a common problem when you try to import PowerPoint graphics into video.


          Two things contribute to this:


          1) Remember that video is essentially 640x480 pixels. Which is fine for TV, but often looks fuzzy and blurry on a computer. This is the reason it looks blurry compared to PowerPoint.


          2) You're trying to use text as a graphic, which is not terribly effective, particularly coming out of PowerPoint.


          You have two solutions:


          1) Recreate all of the text in Premiere Elements using titles instead of trying to import text slides as graphics; or


          2) Instead of using Premiere Elements, use a slideshow program, like Pro Show Gold, which will display your graphics at computer resolution rather than video resolution.

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            rpeterson17 Level 1

            Thanks Steve.

            Recreating the slides is not a workable solution.  Sometimes they are text, but other times they are graphics.  I am trying to produce DVDs of talks with the slides imbeded in the video.  I understand that any picture or graphic will not be as clear on a video as they were originally.  But text can be read on a video.  I don't understand why the slides have degraded to the point as to be unreadable.


            PE has worked well for me for what I have been doing so far.  However, is there a better program for importing graphics into video?  I will be doing a lot of this in the future.