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    Jerky SWF playback and audio sync issues


      Hey Guys,


      We're working on some flash animations that are pretty basic with some narration that needs to play on cue.


      In the past these SWFs have been produced with Flash 8 Professional but we have someone else supplying the SWFs this time. They are being produced on a mac system using Flash CS4.


      When the SWFs are played on the mac they look great and everything is fine but once we bring them across to PC (using a variety of players including ie and firefox) the animation motion is very clunky and the audio is completely out of sync.


      As far as I'm aware the publish settings are the same as used in the past, frame rate is 30frames a second and the audio is imported in flash as a wav and compressed to mp3.


      I initially thought that the audio may not be set to stream, but this doesnt explain the weird animation playback.


      Any help, ideas or suggestions would be great.