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    Premiere crashes when importing video


      Computer I am on


      Intel quad core 2.4ghz

      6gig ram

      560gig HD and 1.5TB HD both internal scsi drives

      1 gig video radeon HD4870


      Videos were imported through windows movie importer from a handheld DV cam and they are in Avi format. Never had a problem with this common format.


      Premiere starts fine but when I go to import a file it crashes. The import process server (importprocessserver.exe) gets to the end of processing the video and thats when everything stops working. I have been looking though the forums and tried using google with no luck. I have read it may be some other codecs on the machine but have no idea on how to go find them to get rid of them. CS3 never failed and was stable as a rock for me. When I installed CS4 it was fine for a bit then this started happening more and more frequently. Which makes me think it was a recent item that was installed/changed but I can't think of what it could be. I am frustrated and at my wits end. Any and all help would be amazing.





      - Johnny