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    Basic launching of an Applescript


      My first try with InDesign and one of the first with AppleScript.

      It seems like ID is not receiving the AppleScript messages. Even a simple script like


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
      end tell


      Does not work. I get a Sintax error: "The application is not open". But of course it is!!

      I need to run my scripts from outside ID, so I am doing my tests using Apple's Script Editor.

      The example was recorded with the Script Editor, so the name of the application "Adobe InDesign CS3" is not misspelled.

      Do I have to activate something on ID, or in the Finder to make the scripts run?



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          sstanleyau Level 4

          No, you don't need to do anything else. Could it be that the script ran, which would quit InDesign, and then you tied to run it again, at which point InDesign was no longer running?


          Try a script without quit in it -- get the name, for example, or "make document". Does that work? If not, try a simple Finder script, to see if the probelm is confined to InDesign.